Large Format


Printerior large format is developing an adaptive manufacturing process that will leverage our knowledge of printing and plastics. This division of our business is focussed on creating a 4th industrial revolution and circular economy business. The world has a plastic problem, but it’s significantly worse here in the United states. On average less than 20% of plastic created each year is actually recycled. 

The plastics industry is limited in their design and production of goods, because mass production only allows for the creation of thousands of products that fit the design requirements of plastic molding. Printerior solves these problems by leveraging our custom-designed large-format 3D printer to create consumer and industrial goods from recycled plastic. 

We provide services for industries such as architecture, manufacturing, maritime, and aerospace. We also have our own fully customizable furniture line, and provide custom printing services to consumers.

Using our proprietary manufacturing and material processing techniques, Printerior can provide customers with per unit customization on both single-piece and medium batch production orders; all products are made from a 100% recycled plastic compound.