Black Recycled PLA


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1.75mm PLA filament made in the USA from 100% recycled scrap.


PLA is the most popular 3D printer Filament globally. Unlike many other materials, PLA is a bioplastic which means it's derived from plant-based sources. While it is more environmentally friendly than other sources it's still not sustainable. The biological sources, usually corn, for PLA still require large amounts of natural resources. This is why Printerior has introduced an rPLA filament to the market. This material is made from 100% recycled industrial scrap while providing the same qualities as virgin PLA. Our product provides low warping, minimal smell, and overall print qualities that beat virgin materials. So not only can you print better, but you can help solve the world’s recycling problem. Printerior recycled filament is the top choice for many universities, high school, maker spaces, prototypers, product designers, and hobbyists.



Best printing temperature: 190-220°C

Best heated bed temperature (not needed for PLA): if you have one, we recommend 50-60°C


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Material that's better for you and the planet

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